Passionate, responsible and committed software developer, with a driven mindset and a passion for code. With much experience in designing, implementing and adapting technically sophisticated online web applications.

Highlighted Experience

Professional Ruby & Rails Blogger — Current

  • I’ve been writing educational blogs for many years at .  One of the companies I freelance for is .  I write about many technologies, programming languages, and personal development topics.

Ruby for Good — 2016 & 2017

  • 2016: Charity Rails development for Virginia Working Landscapes [link].  I joined a team of developers in providing free software development for helping catalog living things in nature.  This information can then be used to help determine issues and be of help to protect any living species that may be endangered.
  • 2017: Charity Rails development for Loudoun Codes [link].  I joined a team of about 10 developers in building a Rails project for high school programming competitions.  The system is responsible for running students code submission, grading the results with time and penalty rankings, as well as an official scoreboard system.  My primary role in this project involved implementing Docker client runner implementations for various programming languages includes Ruby, Python, C++, Rust, and Crystal.  This was refactored into the primary implementation work done by Chris Hoffman.

Undisclosed Startup — 2014 through 2016

  • Full stack Rails developer and CTO.  Rails, Ruby, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, APIs, OAuth, OmniAuth, Devise, ActiveAdmin, Heroku, and much more.

The Minitest Cookbook — Technical Proof Reader — 2015

RailsRumble — 2014, 2015, and 2016

  • 2014: I joined this project with a team assembled of 3 strangers from Twitter.  As part of a code competition I built an interface for scraping YouTube videos and wrote some helper methods to take advantage of creating embedded website videos.  Also one of the core developers for Rails in the project.
  • 2015: I started this project with, again, a team of strangers on assembled via Twitter.  In 48 hours we built TrenderCast which is a podcast subscription and trends system.  This product was my vision and I was the primary Rails developer on this project.
  • 2016: This year I focussed on working solo and experimenting with new Rails technology ofWebSockets/ActionCable.  The project was to build a game server for poker games.  With the 48 hours I made it as far as implementing a chatroom, game tables, seat assignment, and card dealing.

NetVersa ~ 2013

  • Designed full website automation for popular sites using Watir and Watir-webdriver in the Ruby language.

Scholar Square - 2008

  • Designed a script to pay all site members who’ve authored content; all appropriate fees for students memberships, and subscriptions, via the PayPal API using Python.


  • This was a self made startup for refurbishing and selling iPhone and surpluss part sales.  I designed and deployed a full eCommerce website built on top of the Satchmo/Django framework using Python.


  • Designed a basketball tournament ranking application which ranked teams on many different criteria.  Designed my own flat file database system to keep records in CSV.  This was used to rank a multi-day interstate basketball tournament.

Open Source Contributions

  • Charity Rails development in Ruby for Good for Virginia Working Landscapes [link] and Loudoun Codes [link].
  • Minor contributions to several Open Source projects including Ruby, Rails, Crystal, RubyGems, RVM, Bundler, and OmniContacts
  • Authored FasterPath – makes Ruby on Rails site run much faster by rewriting overly used path methods in Rust (a lower systems level language)
  • Authored PolyBelongsTo – An advanced Rails – ActiveRecord relationship library.
  • Authored DynaSpan – A Rails Ajax helper gem for creating dynamically modifiable text on web pages.
  • Authored many other Open Source libraries available on Github.
  • Open Source game released in 2002 called Py Connect Four written in Python using the PyGame SDL library


  • Started in software development in 2001 as purely a self driven hobby.  In 2008 I started earning income for some freelance software development work.  As of 2014 I transitioned to developing software full time and creating educational content on programming languages and systems.

Technical Skills

  • Proficient in: Rust (Since Oct 2015), Ruby (Since early 2012), Ruby on Rails, TDD, Docker, REST, APIs (Twitter, Evernote, Twilio, etc.), Git, Crystal, JavaScript, jQuery, CoffeeScript, CSS, Gem Authoring, HTML5, JSON, Linux SysAdmin, Windows SysAdmin, Unix Shell Scripting, Computer Technician, VIM
  • Web Automation with: Continuous Integration, Mechanize, Nokogiri, Selenium, and Watir
  • Moderate experience in: ActionCable, Agile, AJAX, Assembly, Bash, Batch, CGI, CMS, C++, Django, Encryption, FishShell, Metaprogramming, OpenSSL, PostgreSQL, Python (Since 2001), RSS, Satchmo, SEO, SOLID, XML
  • Studying: Algorithms, CoffeeScript, Rust, Crystal, Design Patterns


  • US English (Native)
  • Spanish (Elementary proficiency)
  • Japanese (Elementary proficiency)


  • Clark Christian High School 2003

Contact Me: 6ftdan (at) gmail (dot) com